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    UnhappyDry skin?

    I recently adopted a 10 month old black lab and noticed that she has a lot of flakes (looks like adult dandruff). Ive given her baths and use a soap that I got from PetsMart but her skin still seems dry. She also has some missing patches of hair by her tail. Any ideas of what I can use/give her to help this?


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    You should not be bathing a lab unless they get into something yucky, it dries their skin. Daily brushing helps, and giving fish oil caplets. We use cod liver oil ones for humans. We give her 1 twice a day. Usually hair missing from the tail area is an indication of fleas. Make sure she is on K-9 Advantix or Comfortis orally. We use Comfortis and its great, but if you live in a tick area, it doesn't prevent ticks. Dry skin can also be from allergies, like foods containing grain. We put Sophie on a grain free food, along with the Comfortis and fish oil and with daily brushing, her coat is shiny and beautiful.

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    As you probably know a trip to the vet is in your future. I am jealous of everyone here who rarely if ever bathes their lab, this is not the case for us. Although Bailey's coat is MUCH better on grain free his poor skin fights him due to allergies from outside. When it got bad he would have flakes and lose fur (although he would develop that lovely stinky yeast smell bc an infection can occur. It could be a myriad of things..but something to be aware of..within a few days of a bath is your pup oily or not fresh smelling, watch the spots of skin for nay changes. This was hard for us the first go around b/c our first vet didn't ask enough questions and we didn't know what to bring up. Good luck!

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    Dogs don't need baths as it can dry out their skin - unless a vet advises they have a special skin allergy/issue where bathing would be beneficial.

    What is the environment like where you are? If it the climate is dry, especially indoors, this could be causing her skin to dry up.

    What are you feeding her? Sometimes dog food with grains can cause allergies - or she could be allergic to another ingredient.

    Ideally if you are feeding the right diet, you should not require supplements for your dog - coconut oil, fish oil, or the like - however, sometimes environmental issues cause dry skin & then these supplements can be beneficial. Before adding anything to your dog's diet or changing her food from grain to grain free you need to consider all possibilities - a 10 mth old dog is still growing so you don't want to mess around with diet if that isn't the issue.

    While I agree with Pam that you should look into flea, tick and heartworm prevention, you should first discuss your options of which meds to use with your vet & not just jump on product names that get dropped here. (No offense, Pam! I've seen too many newbies rush with the first piece of advice they get & not consult with vets or do their own research)

    ETA -- make sure you do see a vet - you should have signed something stating you would if you adopted her, especially if she is missing patches of fur you need to go.

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