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    DefaultThe feeding ...Should food be wet down

    Looking for some advice ... my 12 week old Madison eats so fast and furious it's scary, so we stopped using the normal food bowl and went to the stainless steel one with the big bump in the middle, that does not work either because it doesn't slow her down at all ... anyway I was told by more than a few people to wet her food down and feed her by hand...what should i be doing...feeding her by had has worked and has slowed her down ... but the wetting of the food? The doggy day care is getting me the correct bowl to use and I'll be using that starting Tuesday, since Madison eats at noon time I want to make sure everything is consistant ....

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    I have found that using something like the brakefast bowl (this is the one I use: JW SLOW FEED Dog Bowl Dish Break Eating Too Fast MEDIUM | eBay) and adding water is the ony thing that has slowed Baloo down at all.

    I don't soak his food, I just add water right before feeding it to him.
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    I put one of Logans ball toys into his food bowl when eating. It makes him work a little to get his food, and makes him eat slower. Took him about 2-3 months to slow down and now I don't use the ball anymore.

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    Tessa inhales food. I put her food on a large serving dish type bowl and spread it out so that most of it is well spaced and she has to pick up one at a time. She does snort it into a wee pile eating so fast, but takes her longer to eat.

    Another idea is to feed smaller amounts and wait a little before giving the rest.

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    In the interim while you are waiting for the bowl, you can use a cookie sheet and just spread out the food all over the sheet. If you are not fussy, you can just throw the kibble on the floor. Anything to spread it out so she has to pick up each kibble individually. Wetting the food down is fine to do but not mandatory.
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    wow so many have this same issue, glad im not alone.

    Just went thru 2 bouts of food bloat here due to fast eating and drinking. I have seperated water from eating for 20-30 min. I purchased the brake fast bowl as well and it has helped. Jax still ingulfs his food but at least it slows him down a few minutes. Silly dogs need to slow it down geez! Good luck!

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    You can wet it down or feed it dry. We do both. How many times a day do you feed her? I would feed 3 times a day so she isn't starving at meal time. Also, some members feed their labbys using a kong. That has worked for them.

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