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    DefaultArthritis Supplements?

    Hello again, Lab Lovers!

    I realize I've been absent from here for quite a while. School and family have been keeping me busy and Chief has been doing relatively well. We are having slight difficulty managing his arthritis and developing degenerative disk disease, though. He had a Vet visit today and got prescribed Tramadol. The Vet also wants us to continue to watch his weight and suggested that we could give Cosequinn and Omega 3 and 6's a try to help with the bones and joints as well. Chief and I stopped by Petco on the way home but I didn't get any supplements because suddenly I got over whelmed with the choices!

    Which supplements are the favorites on here? Do any of you use the Missing Link powder? What about the treats with glucosamine and Omegas- do they provide enough supplementation to help?

    Previously Chief was on Rimadyl but the Dr. wanted him off of it due to concerns about the long term effects on the kidneys and liver. He was just on Duralactin and from what have observed, it hasn't been nearly as effective as the Rimadyl. Poor Chief has only wanted to play fetch with us twice in the past three months! =(

    Thanks for your help!
    Blessings from Cara and Chief!

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    There was recently a thread on this and you could probably search for it. Javasmom uses some preventatives for her girls due to joint issues and surgeries and she could probably help you also. I hope Chief feels better soon.
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    My dogs get Triflex from GNC. GNC - Search Results

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    My vet was part of a group testing Rimadyl and a pure glucosamine supplement called Synoquin (also known as Syno flex) and probably another Syno name. The Synoquin came out best.

    It has only recently arrived in N.Z and Erns is on it. It is a pure glucosamine and seems to be helping. It isn't cheap, but the vet said we know what is in this. Other things we are never sure.

    I had a quick google and not sure if this is similar.
    Synflex for Dogs

    The other this we have is Pentosan injections. I think they are called Adequan in the USA. Without these each month Erns wouldn't be able to walk.

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    My girl Java has some joint issues and arthritis.
    We use:

    Hylasport Canine (Gluc/Chond/MSM/HA & Vit. C)...I buy it online right from the company. $60 for a 6 month supply. Hylasport has the correct ratio of Gluc/Chond that is necessary to see benefits.
    Grizzly Salmon Oil for the Omega 3 & 6....Pet Meds | Dog Supplies | Pet Supplies | Pet Products | Pet Supply has the best prices. About $40 for a 6 month supply.
    additional MSM-from a feed store. About $18 for a 6-8 month supply. Java gets a megadose-6000 mg per day. Normal dose is 1500 mg per day. We upped it on the advice of our ortho.
    Vit. C (1000 mg a day)-human grade from Walmart or Rite Aid
    Vit. E-200 iu every other day. Human grade from Walmart or Rite Aid.

    I also give Java Adequan shots once a month-HUGE difference. I upped her MSM dose after starting the Adequan shots (per our ortho surgeon) and the difference was remarkable. It really was like watching her return to puppyhood.

    Java has ED, OCD & DJD in her knees and she also had bilateral TPLOs (ACL repairs)10 weeks apart after blowing both knees at the same time when she was 13 MONTHS old.
    Moka broke her leg, but she does not get any supplements right now because she has no joint issues and no lasting damage from her broken bones or surgeries.

    Treats and foods that say they have Gluc/Chond in them really have no benefits-they do not have high enough levels of either supplement to provide any benefit..

    If you decide to go with a different supplement...the correct ratio of Gluc/Chond is 1500mg Gluc/1000 mg Chond, 1500 mg MSM.

    Good luck!!
    Keep Chief's weight down and start him on some good supplements and you'll have a different dog soon!!
    In my opinion....keeping his weight down is the most important thing you can do for him. Keep him nice and lean...almost to where you think he is TOO lean. It's so much better for his joints.

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    Thank you everyone for the product input! Having the mg amounts stated in beneficial amounts is especially helpful too!
    I will keep everyone updated, when there's been progress made =)
    Blessings from Cara and Chief!

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    OMG ! Your Chief reminds me of my Buddy !
    I second the recommendation of Canine Hylasport, and Grizzly
    Salmon Oil. Buddy is 10 1/2 and these supplements have a noticeable
    difference in his movements !
    And also keep his weight down like Gina mentioned !
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