Glucosamine supplement WITHOUT brewers yeast?
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Thread: Glucosamine supplement WITHOUT brewers yeast?

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    DefaultGlucosamine supplement WITHOUT brewers yeast?

    Hi all. I'll save the details here, but our little guy needs to take a glucosamine supplement. The problem is that he's allergic to brewer's yeast. We had been giving him Cosequin, which helped immensely, but made him itch like crazy. We finally got an allergy test, and concluded that was part of it.

    We're having a tough time finding something that doesn't contain brewer's yeast, soy, pork or fish (shellfish is fine, so glucosamine in general is OK). We're trying a human glucosamine pill, just giving him the same dose he got before, but it's not working as well. It might be because it's purely glucosamine, and doesn't contain MSM or Chondroitin (Cosequin didn't have MSM, but still).

    We'd really prefer to find a dog specific one for him, so we don't have to keep hiding his pills in hot dogs (he always ate the Cosequin first out of his bowl). That being said, if we have to keep hiding a better working pill in things for him to take, that's an inconvenience we're more than willing to deal with for him.

    Does anybody know of a good chewable like Cosequin that doesn't contain the ingredients I mentioned above? If that fails, how about a great human one that doesn't contain those ingredients? Our guy is having a tough time right now without it!

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    I use a human kind. Once you see the word "canine" the price goes up. I use the Costco brand and toss it in their food. It does not contain brewers yeast.


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    We share ours with our dogs. We use "Move Free" which I just checked and it does NOT contain brewers yeast.
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