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    DefaultPet insurance?

    We are considering getting insurance for our 2 Labs. We have never purchased it before and would like opinions/advice. Is it worth it? Are there policies we should stay away from? Thank you for the info as always!

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    If your dogs are older insurers will not give you insurance. I found years ago that I was better putting money in a savings account for the dogs rather than get a policy.
    Nellie, CGC
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    Hey guys, first time poster! Be nice
    Yeah, gotta agree with nellies mom. Insurance policies are not cheap, and they will usually not be worth it. Think about co-pays, yearly deductibles, and preexisting conditions/congenital diseases which are not covered.
    I set up a "rainy day fund" too, to be used in case of pet emergencies. (Though I must admit to having stolen a bit from it on rare occasions!)
    I also just signed up for a vet discount program, which basically charges me about 8 bucks a month and I get 25% off at the vet. They don't care about pre-existing conditions, and they'll pay for everything. The only downside is that I have to use a vet in their network, but personally it didn't make a difference because my vet was already participating in the program. Here's a link to their website; you might want to consider something like this instead of pet insurance Good luck!

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    We don't have insurance. We have a savings account for them if something comes up, other than routine things.

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    We have a pet savings account. Others have had good luck with insurance and I'm sure they will respond, but we prefer to keep a separate account in case of emergency.
    Debi and Bauer
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    I do both. Insurance companies can take awhile to reimburse so I have an account just for Diesel to pay the vet up front & when I get reimbursed it goes back into his account. I find it works because in the end I'm not paying 100% out of my own pocket & can justify the insurance payments as they are only $21 a month. Sure the monthly payments add up & if I did an audit of it I'd likely see I am really only getting back a small amount, but in his first 2 years we had a lot of emergencies like swallowing stuff he shouldn't, gastroenteritis, pneumonia which was the last claim (just under $1000) the insurance company reimbursed me to the max limit of a first time illness which was $500 after my $75 deductible, that certainly helped out. So far this year *knock on wood* we haven't had any emergencies, going forward if our good luck continues I may end up out of pocket, but an extra $21 a month just in case I can justify.

    ETA: it's not just for emergencies, you can use it for regular stuff like yearly vaccs, I think even boarding/kennel, etc. Our deductible is $75 so sometimes it isn't worth the stamp to send in a claim, I've only used it for the bigger stuff & it really has helped out.
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    When we adopted Scarlett we got 90 days of AKC Pet Insurance. We awoke one morning to find her face severely swollen and her constantly rubbing and scratching at her face. Took her to the Vet who determined she was having a reaction to something, most likely a bite of some type. He prescribed medications after an exam; total bill $246.20. Submitted the claim to the insurance company. After several weeks we received a notice that they would typically only cover $63 of the total amount (because they considered the vast majority, $182 to be "wellness prevention", but we had not yet met a deductable amount, so they paid nothing!! You would think if they were trying to sell us on this insurance plan they would have done something...

    Insurance is legalized gambling; they are betting you won't it and make it hard to use while you are betting you will need it.

    We have opted not to use pet insurance.

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    We went with VPI. I compared companies, spoke with folks at our vet practice, and called VPI to make sure my understanding of their coverage was clear. We will come out ahead on major medical and wellness until our boy turns 2 - particularly if we neuter him at 2, which is the current plan. Then we will drop the wellness coverage because his vaccination schedule will be more sporadic. But this is working for us because we got the coverage before his first real vaccination visit at 9 weeks.

    I think it is a great idea to save money for pet care, but we have never been able to save a dime - each time we get a tax refund one of our cars burps. Just one example. We lost our wonderful soul mate a year ago to cancer and this was after shelling out around $3000 to treat him. I say I wouldn't do it again, but I would. So we were motivated to go for coverage on the new boy.

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