Rabies Vaccine Side Effects?
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Thread: Rabies Vaccine Side Effects?

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    QuestionRabies Vaccine Side Effects?

    My poor baby Gemma.. this last friday my boyfriend had to take our pup to the vet for her last round of puppy shots. This was the first time he got to take her to the vet bc I had to work. So i gave him and list of questions and concerns to talk to the vet about. One of the questions was when could we schedule her rabies vaccine. Well the vet ended up giving her the vaccines and bordatella booster AND he also gave her the rabies shot too. I was a little surprised bc I thought you should wait atleast a week after other shots to give her the rabies.. anyways she was fine all friday. Having a good ol time up at my boyfriends familys house playing with their dogs ( she even got to go swimming ). Well on Saturday night she peed on my the other dogs bed.. ( she had done this before when she was really young and wasnt quite potty trained) and we just thought maybe we hadnt payed attention to her trying to let us know she wanted to go out. Well Sunday as in yesterday Gemma woke us up in the morning hacking like she was gonna throw up so I put her on the floor and she threw up a little pile of what looked like wood chips.. kind fo gross but she didnt throw up again butshe also kind of lost her appetite.. She ate but she didnt finish her food which I thought was strange. And then she just started peeing inside again. So after putting her in her crate (bc she couldnt be trusted to be in the house without peeing again) we went to go get her to take her out and she stood up in her crate and peed! I couldnt believe it! After that for the rest of the night everytime we took her out she would squat like 5 or more times to pee and she was actung very nervous and not her self. So she was crated everytime she was inside the house. So I am thinking that she is just messed up from all the shots she got on friday..? She is potty trained and ALWAYS lets us know she has to go potty.. which she has done today like normal and she does NOT have a UTI.. I had my BF take in a pee sample friday at her appt to check bc she has an inverted vulva and it came back with no infection just a little high in protein which the vet says its time to swtich her food.

    So I have been reading today and had no idea how dangerous the rabies vaccine could be.. it has me freaking out! I am hoping my girl is going to be ok! Shes really sleepy today but that bc she got to run around outside for like 3 days straight with her dog cousins this weekend and she usually takes a whole day to recuperate from that. She hasnt peed in the house 2day and has been letting me know to take her out. I had to coax her to eat all her food today and ended up adding water to it and she ate it all. Im just worried bc of the vaccine side effects that can happen. Anyone else have any kind of side effects after their dog got the rabies vaccine?? Do you think Gemma will be back to normal in a couple days of rest??

    My sweet girl Gemma

    Mt first beloved dog Bailey on her last day with us. Run free girl!
    You will always have a special place in my heart!

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    Honestly, if any of my dogs were doing/acting as you describe your puppy in this post I would be at the vets or at the very least calling them. I would always rather be safe than sorry, but that is me. I have never had a dog that had any type of reaction to any shots.
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    To the vet ASAP.
    Nellie, CGC
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