What adult food to choose?
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Thread: What adult food to choose?

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    DefaultWhat adult food to choose?

    We have had Remington on Iam's large breed puppy. It looks like on here everyone switched their lab earlier, so I guess we are a little late. I hope we haven't done anything to mess him up by feeding puppy food too long. Just wondering what everyone feeds their labs for adult food. Trying to decide if we should just go to Iams adult food or switch to another brand altogether. He has done really well on the Iam's puppy, except for terrible gas. Could this be from the puppy food? Thanks for all the advice.

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    You'll get a wide variety of responses here. I feed Wellness CORE which is a grain free food. I have for a few years now and like the results. My diabetic dog is thriving on it and the healthy dog is fine too.

    Different dogs do well on different foods, so I would not jump into a food just because it works for somebody else. However, if a food was giving my dog excessive gas, I would use a different brand. My dogs are deadly when they eat venison treats. They'll never see them again if I can help it.
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    I prefer to use smaller, regional brands. The quality is better, the customer service is better and the value is better.

    In Michigan, Red Paw, Best Breed and Dr. Tim's come to mind as first class foods. These quality-wise would be better than you can buy anywhere.

    All three of these companies are run by some pretty smart people.
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