Hershey 123 I am not trying to bait you. I thought you might be interested and anyone else who read the post where we discussed it.

Now I may have bits not right as my memory is horrible, and he talked for over an hour, but this is more or less the conversation I had with my vet today.
He told me me he was part of the team with Massey Vet University assigned to research how good it is on arthritis.
He says the only way to test if a product works is to use a plate test. I had no idea what that is so for those that don't know it is like a walking machine that puts pressure on the dogs legs and they have to weight bear which shows which leg or legs are weak.
My vet tested 150 dogs here in Wellington over a period of a year and not sure the number they did at Massey. They tested the dogs, then some had placebo, some had green lip mussel and Synoquin which is glucosamine condroiton. They tested at regular intervals.( They didn't think Erns would be alive at the end of the year so we never got to trial it and he would have been perfect.)

Findings were. Yes green lip mussel worked and so did the glucosamine. Vet says it is the glucosamine from the green lip mussel that is good but.....the problem is does the mussel have the glucosamine or is it the process that changes the molecules that bring out the glucosamine condroiton. He says until they know tests are inconclusive. It depends on where the powder is refined and they tested one. So this makes sense that the one I did try and didn't work may have been an inferior quality or not processed the same as the one they trialled.

I couldn't work out why vets have never recommend it. Vets don't recomment when they do know that the glucosamine from something like Synoquin does work. They tested Synoquin with the mussel and Rimadyl.The Synoquin results were better. Erns has been part of another Synoquin trial.

I will see if I can find any information or if I see the vet tomorrow will ask. Apologies if I have confused anyone. Getting from my head to here I sometimes have short circuits. lol.