New Heart Meds and what to Expect
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Thread: New Heart Meds and what to Expect

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    DefaultNew Heart Meds and what to Expect

    Marley is almost 12 and started having panting and coughing issues especially at night. As well, she would regurgitate often. The Vet found a heart murmur and put her on Enalapril, Furosemide, and Pimobendan.

    She is trying these meds to see if Marley has a positive response but strongly suggests seeing a specialist for a better evaluation of her heart. Agreed that would be best but trying these for 2 weeks. She is on day 2 having started the Enalapril & Furosemide last week (had to order Pimobendan).

    She is resting comfortably, appetite is good, she is a little lethargic but rather par for the course. Her snoring has changed in tone and volume so I think that may be good (she has snored like a train for years).

    Any experiences with Heart problems and how to tell if she is responding etc...


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    I would see if you can find a vet that is a board certified cardiologist, if you haven't done that already. I wouldn't rely on my regular vet. Just in case you haven't considered that yet.

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