This past fall KoKo began limping quite a bit so I took her to the vet to finally get it checked out, they took x-rays and said it looked like arthritis in her left knee and a little bit in her back and hip. She is only 4 yrs. old and seems kind of young to have this. We checked with the person we got her from, she was 6 wks. old when we got her, and they said none of the other litter she was in had this problem. It just seems odd.
So anyway, I've been giving her the canine glucosamine/condrotin along with canine aspirin. Her limping has gotten a slight bit better, but is still there especially when she's been sitting and goes to get up. We have 10 acres and running after the ball is her biggest thrill every day, but not sure if it is making it worse or no difference.
They said we could take her to a specialist to get an MRI done, and the nearest place is about 4 hours away. We read somewhere the percentage rate of a dog getting some kind of replacement done and it didn't seem to be very promising. We're just not sure what to do. And am just wondering what kind of cost is involved with this.