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Thread: Need help advice on dog food

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    DefaultNeed help advice on dog food

    My four yr old choc lab has red rash dry patched it doesn't seem to be itchy but he is licking a lot it is on his belly side and starting to spread. I just recently change our dog food from a store brand mostly grain base with 26% protein to Buffalo blue Salomon wild with no grain with 36% protein because I also have a husky that was shedding a lot and was told because he needed more protein and fatty acid protein. I figure that it would not effect the lab so much it good protein. This is the only thing I can think that could have cause the skin change in my lab it's been two weeks that we been going from old food to new one. what can i do to help him from the side effects of the food until I am able to find a food that be more suitable for him. Can you advice me on relief i can take to help him? what food is best for lab ? thanks

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    Contact your vet to verify that it is the food and not something else.
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    Blue Buffalo is a good quality food. Are you sure your dog doesn't have fleas? Some dogs are very allergic and even 1 or 2 fleas can cause an allergic reaction.

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