Oops .... I got him bad this time.
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Thread: Oops .... I got him bad this time.

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    DefaultOops .... I got him bad this time.

    I feel so terrible. Last night was "grooming" time. Brushing, ear cleaning, toe nail clipping. Well, I got through Abbey with no problems and 13 of Willy's when I hit the quick. And I didn't just nick it. He moved at the last second and I got him good! Blood everywhere. You wouldn't think it could bleed that much. It took an hour to get it stopped. Just when I thought it stopped, he would move, and blood everywhere again. I used the flour trick. It was still a little "wet" this morning after potty and breakfast. For those of you that have done this, do you ever worry about infections? I still feel terrible about getting him. I just got back from purchasing a dremmel to finish the remaining 6 nails.

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    I did that with our toy poodle not long ago. Now I am scared to clip her nails! She bled like crazy too, and I felt awful! She seemed ok pretty quickly, didn't limp or anything...

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