Epilepsy and hypo thyroidism.
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Thread: Epilepsy and hypo thyroidism.

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    DefaultEpilepsy and hypo thyroidism.

    My little buddy,Gander, has been dealing with Epilepsy since he was three,he's five now.We just found out recently he is also suffering from hypo-thyroidism.Unusual because he is a very energetic dog that never showed signs of classic HT,chiefly,lethargy.
    He is on thyroid meds and his levels are right were they should be.However I learned that siezures can be caused by HT and also make epilepsy harder to manage,managing Ganders epilepsy has been a chore.Good progress then big relapses.
    So far he is doing much better,I only hope it lasts.
    Has anyone else had this experience,both epilepsy and hypo-thyroidism?

    I am curious how anyone has dealt with it and if any insights could be had from experience.

    He has a good vet and we are doing everything we can think of,still I'd like to think that if I can learn something from here it would be appreciated.

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    Poor Gander! I have no experience or help for you, but I sure send you good thoughts and kind wishes...

    Sophie DOB 04/13/2011 6 mo

    8.5 mo.

    Sophie 15 months, with Skye

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    Thanks SM,Gander is a real character and his condition doesn't diminish him at all.It does give his mom and me a lot to deal with though.My wife takes his set backs hard,she is his self appointed nurse and she take the job seriously(what mom doesn't?)
    The best thing that happened so far came when my wife and I brought him to a specialist down the road in Scarborough Maine.The vet was a real gem,she got on the floor with Gander and let him sniff,lick and just get comfortable with her all the while she was checking him out.After close inspection(Gander thought he was just making friends)she says he needs his thyroid checked and sure enough she pegged it.
    Anyway thanks again.I hope the little guy catches a break at this point.The wife could use it too.

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    I have heard that siezures can occur because the body is too hot ( as in the theory of traditional chinese medicine). We have a dog with seizures and are trying to care for him by feeding him a cool food. turkey is an example. You might want to look into that along with what else you are doing.

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