Does anyone have any experience with Hip Displasia?
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Thread: Does anyone have any experience with Hip Displasia?

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    DefaultDoes anyone have any experience with Hip Displasia?

    I suspect that my newest dog, Bella, a rescue may have this. I've had her for about a month now. She is 2 years old and is a Lab/Chow mix. I noticed her limping and walking on 3 legs a couple of times. At first I just thought her and Baxter had some rough play. She let me feel her leg and hip all over with no problem. I looked this up and noticed that she does walk with a "gait" and her two back legs are close together when she walks. She doesn't appear to be in any pain (other than the limping at times). I'm trying to get in to my vet, but he's on vacation this week. I would just like to know what to expect....

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    I would take her to a vet to confirm she as DH. There are many things it could be. My dog has a "type" of HD. It isn't full out HD but sort of is(confusing I know but that is how the vet put it). He has good day and bad days depending on weather and how much exercise he has had ect..
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    There are many reasons why a dog might limp. My son's dog has a birth defect that causes her to limp off and on. I hope your Bella doesn't have hip displasia. The vet will be able to diagnose it. Maybe someone on this forum has some advice for you. Welcome to the forum!

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    as mentioned above, there are MANY reasons for a dog to limp. Displasia is but one of them.
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    As mentioned, it could be a number of things. There are a lot of factors that can play a role in a dog limping but if you suspect there is a serious issue I encourage you to seek out an Ortho vet to have a general exam and possible x-rays to rule out more serious developmental issues. You can ask your regular vet about her awkward gait/limping but generally speaking, most "regular" vets don't see enough Ortho cases (they usually refer them to Ortho vets/clinics) and they may or may not be good at looking/feeling for specific issues, hence why I recommend an Ortho. One of my rescues has HD and another I was worried about because she was a bad bunny-hopper as an adolescent (I got her at 10 mos) and she sometimes runs out of stride, but she checked out just fine, it's just a quirk of hers which ironically kinda matches her free spirited personality. At any rate, it's best to get it checked if you feel there are issues.

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    Too many things to rule out...ACL, CCL, hips, OCD, arthritis....all factor here. Take the dog to a vet.
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