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    DefaultHelp with Yellow vacuum named Emmitt

    I am new to this forum and I would love some advice. I have a 14 month old lab named Emmitt. I had to take him to the emergency vet tonight and it looks like he might have an obstruction, again. This is the second surgery he has had because of this issue. The first was due to the fact that while my husband and I were on our honeymoon, Emmitt kept ripping off the collastic bandage on his broken toe, and eating it. Ever sense then I have watched him like a hawk. The problem is that he keeps eating his toys! It doesn't matter if its a rope toy a Nylabone (hard plastic) or one of those tire toys. He can always destroy them!! When outside he tries to eat sticks and rocks, but he does know the "leave it" and "drop it" command, so we don't have too many issues with those, but the toys are what is driving me crazy and scaring me half to death.
    Does anyone have any suggestions on what toys to give him, any behavior correction ideas? I am at my wits-end and am ready to find a behaviorist...

    Thanks in advance!!
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    Sophie ate a hole in her tire toy the first day! And she's only 8 months! I guess you'll have to stick with the Kong toys. Sophie loves the Dogzilla ones, but lately has been destroying those as well. What about tennis balls? Do those bite the dust too? Sophie gets sticks and rocks too. We are forever having to get her to drop it. Today we took a glass shot glass, and a bone china hummingbird out of her mouth. We never let her have the run of the house. She can't be trusted not to eat something strange. She is a counter surfer and a meddler! We love her to pieces tho! Yesterday she managed to cut her front paw and has been limping. Poor baby. It's not deep, but the pad is cut about an inch long.

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    The kongs seem to work well for most people, but Koivu prefers an antler. He's had his for months now, is still interested in it and can't destroy it.

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    He eats Nylabones? Wow! The antlers and Kongs are great ideas. I hope your Emmitt is ok, I am sure that is scary.
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    We had the same issue with General. Any nylabone he's had, he's destroyed in about 5 minutes! He had one that he chewed up to look like a prison shank! Don't know if this works at all PetSmart stores, but if you bring back the destroyed toy(or what's left of it) with the receipt, they will exchange it for you.

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    Mine love large commercially sold stuffed beef bones and rarely break them ! I remove them as soon as they show signs of cracking but they love to chew/suck on them ?

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    I've had the best luck with femur bones. I bought one about five months ago and she likes it and you can barely tell she even chews it. Quite amazing for a lab.

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