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    We just came thru another seizure...my poor Shaddy. =( If I could have them for him I would. On the plus side,he seems to be coming back to normal faster.I held him and talked him thru it,hoping that would help.It seems like it has.His earlier seizure was the same with cuddling.Does anyone know if hugging and comforting helps or speeds up recovery time? I'm still learning as I go. =) He didnt seem as lost and panicked either,thankfully.I managed to keep him up on the bed too,score another point for me,yay.I so hate when he falls,I feel so bad for him.His coordination was a lot better faster too.And he managed to potty,and look sorry too!

    Is there any way to know or prevent seizures from happening? He was just napping and being the nosey neighbor peeking out the window when it hit.Nothing out of the ordinary happened,he was his usual self,ate right,drank normally,piddled,the works.I'm still researching meds cos I know deep down he will wind up on them,for both our sakes.I worry terribly when I have to leave.

    Thanks for any input!
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    You need to take him for a vet visit. There are medications for seizures. My last lab had grand mal seizures and was put on phenobarb. My vet said that she was basically blind and deaf during the seizures. She would come out of them and sleep for hours.
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    Start documenting everything you can remember about the day of the seizure (what he ate, treats, something he got into, the routine, amount of exercise, etc), how the seizure went and after. There can be tell tale signs of an oncoming seizure but they can be heard to pin point.

    Talking to them can't hurt. I have only had one dog with seizures (a foster) in my house, and they were NOT grand mal, he was fully conscious during the whole thing. It was upsetting. But when I spoke to him he looked at me so I sat with him and stroked him and talked to him. But I WOULD talk it over with a vet to get some ideas and talk it thru.

    There are meds you can use if they are too strong or too frequent. But most people try to stay off meds as long as possible, it's a balancing act. If you fully document as much as possible you may be able to figure out something that could be the cause or that sets it off.
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