Quick Question! (RE: Small bump on lower eyelid.)
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Thread: Quick Question! (RE: Small bump on lower eyelid.)

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    DefaultQuick Question! (RE: Small bump on lower eyelid.)

    Hey, everyone!

    I'm a proud new owner of black lab. She's 6 weeks old and this morning I found what appears to be a small bump on her lower eyelid. I've tried to research it on my own to decide whether or not it was worth a trip to the vet but I have not had much luck. I was wondering if you, fellow Labrador owners, have any clue what it could be. Thanks!

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    I don't know, but if you ever find out you can tell me, we rescued a small mixed breed puppy that now has the same thing but on both lower lids, with the exact same location on each lid. I thought papillomas but that doesn't seem likely since they are symmetrical on him, what are the odds of warts being evenly distributed. There must be some sort of a gland right there. The vet had no idea. I assume you will be taking her in for a vaccination, why not ask then?

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    you should be going to the vet within a week or two of bringing your dog home anyway. Sad that a 6 week old puppy is already seperated from their litter you will need to talk to the vet about a vaccination schedule as well as have him give an overall assessment of the puppy's health.

    ETA: at the vet keep the dog in your arms, do not let the puppy touch the ground. this is a place where you bring sick dogs and your puppy is ver very suseptible to getting sick.
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    hope you take her the vet for it, whatever it may be.

    I can't imagine sending my six week old pups home right now. yes, they are getting to be a lot of work, but they are getting to be A LOT of fun too.

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    I would take the pup to a vet as soon as possible. Not only does it have the lump by the eye (which could be infection) the puppy was taken from its mother 2 weeks early. I think a good check up by the vet is in order. Be sure to hold the puppy at the vet's. Don't allow it down on the floor, or let it be in contact with other dogs. Your puppy needs to complete the series of vaccines to be safe to be where other dogs have been.

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    Poor baby. I would definitely want the vet to look at the bump and get the puppy checked ASAP.Congrats on your new puppy and welcome!

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    Congrats on the new puppy. I would have your vet check your puppy ASAP. At such a young age they are very susceptible to illness. The bump could be a papilloma. Young dogs get them since their immune systems are weak. Best to have your vet check it out.

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