Best food for my 4 yr old lab ret.
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Thread: Best food for my 4 yr old lab ret.

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    DefaultBest food for my 4 yr old lab ret.

    Hello everyone, I wanna Sartre by saying I am sorry if this is a repost I am new to the forum and registered mainly to get a answer to this question. First off I have a four year old lab ret. That weighs approximately 80 to 90 pounds. He is a yellow lab and very healthy ad active. We constantly walk and swim and he goes every where with me and my fiancé. He is very picky with his food. I had him on purina dog food for a long time until I decided I wanted to learn more about his food because I want to keep him around as long as possible I did some research and soon switched to Eukanuba adult Labrador retriever dog food and let's just say he was not to excited about that! HR only ate it of e wast starving and overall he hated it! Afterthe bag was finished I bought him beneful which he still eats today. He likes it alot more but while doing research I found out that thesis probably not the beat food for him. So my question is what dog food is best for my dog. I am highly concerned about his health ad I want him to live forever if that was even possible he has no health issues besides the usual lab ear infection that I quicky treat. I am looking for a food that is healthy for all the main issues labs get and that will keep him healthy. Also I would like to know how much a dog my type should be fed daily? Price is not an issue when it comes to the health of my dog so I would appreciate a couple options. Thank you in advance ad I look forward to hearing yor suggestions.

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    I feed my three California Natural Lamb & Rice Puppy Food.
    You will get a lot of opinions, its basically a combination of
    good ingredients and price.
    My next choice would be grain free............
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    If he has repeated ear infections, it could mean he has allergies. I would consider going grain free and seeing if that doesn't help the ear problems. I feed Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream to my dog with allergies. Here is a good review website that can help you chose a good food. Sophie is healthier than she has ever been since changing to this food over 2 months ago. Her coat is beautiful and she is energetic and built solidly, not fat at all. She likes the food, I put a little hot water on it. They also have canned to match, which we buy for treats.
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    Unfortuantely nothing can guarantee they live for a certain number of years. None of us know what tomorrow will bring. It is hard making decisions and easy to become hung up on what we should be doing.

    I think we do our best and make the most of each day,
    Each dog and owner are different. What suits my dog may not suit yours. It is a good idea asking in here then making an informed decision that suits and your dogs.

    For me being consistent with training dog, loving them, making sure they have food and water, excerising them physically and mentally and keeping them safe is the best we can do.

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