Could goopy eyes be related to food?
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Thread: Could goopy eyes be related to food?

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    DefaultCould goopy eyes be related to food?

    Maisy (5 mos) has had intermittent eye issues since we brought her home at 8 wks - reddish, weepy, sometimes yellow gunk, more in one eye than the other. Vet checked and didn't find anything (no corneal scratch). Prescribed triple antibiotic ointment, which helped, but the gunk came back as soon as we stopped the ointment. Used the ointment on and off for a few weeks, but it never seems to cure it despite 7-10 days. Vet then recommended Benadryl, (25 mg, twice per day). We've done that for about 2 wks. and it is helping. I'm wondering if it's an allergy - what could she be allergic to? Should we try a different food? She's on Eukanuba large breed puppy. Other food to try? What do you think? Thanks!

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    I know my grandmother's Toy Poodle stopped getting tear stains after we got her and changed her food.

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    We had a similar situation with Bella, went to the vet. She was given antibiotics cleared up her eyes mostly but she still had goopy eyes just not infected. So after allergy tablets not working, eye stain checked out clear we changed her food. Her eyes are so much better now, we put her on a grain free food. We did grain free due to some other issues she struggled with. So read the ingredients on the dog food you are currently feeding her and see if there are a lot of grains. Some do well with it and others do poorly. I hope you find something to make her feel better soon, poor little Maisy.
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