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    Libby will be getting spayed sometime in the next couple of months. She is very active and high energy (duh, shes a young lab!) is there any natural supplements or something I could give her to help keep her "calm" post surgery?
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    The things I did after all of my girls were spayed were, on leash for potty breaks, the cone if they lick the incision and crate time if they were getting too wild. But for some reason, all of them were pretty calm for several days.

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    We had Sophie spayed on the 19th. She is super high energy! The vet put in regular stitches instead of the glue stuff because she knew she would be hard to keep quiet. Be bought a cone, but she has not licked, so we didn't need to use it. She was quiet the first day, after was "crack-dog" Sophie as usual! We tried some benadryl, but it only worked for some napping, then she was awake and running. Keeping her from jumping on the couch or bed was impossible. We're not fast enough to catch her before she does it! She did get a seroma beneath her stitches, but it has already gone down a lot. We had the vet look at it, she put a needle in to be sure it was a seroma and it was. She said she would be fine. We didn't let her outside unless it was to potty, till a couple of days ago. We still watch her when she's out. She gets her stitches out on Monday. Good luck keeping your girl quiet. Unless you want her crated 24/7, quiet just isn't something that will happen. She acted like she never had surgery at all after the first day.

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