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    I live in central Georgia. Labs can with stand cold weather well. How cold is too cold? Her house is built well with a partition to block wind and a door for entry and exit. I have put cedar shavings in the house. Is this sufficent?

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    Well....I believe you are going to hear a lot of comments on the forum about leaving your dog outside. Dogs are not built to withstand the extremes in the weather. If you feel cold, so does the dog. There is a grave misconception that because a dog is wearing a fur coat, they can withstand the elements. This is not true. They can get frost bite on their feet, and by the same token burns in the hot summer. Rule of thumb, if you were to go crawl into your dog's house in a simple jacket about the consistancy of her fur, with no shoes on, would you be warm enough? Another thing is that labs are very social animals. They belong with people and do not thrive living alone outside. I see from another post that your puppy is only 12 weeks old. She is too young to be alone outside. She is a baby and will put everything in her mouth! She should only be outside when supervised. Please don't feel angry toward me, but my opinion is that your dog belongs inside with its family. I would never leave my girl outside in the cold. I wouldn't sleep a wink.
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    I agree with the above. I can't imagine how miserable a puppy/dog would be alone outside.
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