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    Not sure where is the best place to post these freebies, so here they are. I was taking things out of the refrigerator and found some supplements left from my old dog's fight with cancer. So if anyone has a cancer dog and you can use these, let me know. They are mostly human supplements, but are ones recommended by books like the Goldstein's Pet Wellness Program.

    Some unopened, some opened. Some are in date, some are just past, but likely still fine because they have all spent most of their time in a refrigerator. The numbers below indicate month/year of best by date.

    1 Source Naturals Alka-Balance. 7/12. Opened, looks like at least 200 tablets left. It is supposed to balance an acidic body.

    1 Western Family Vitamin A - 8000 IU. 11/11. Opened, looks like at least 50 softgels left.

    1 Carlson Vitamin A - 25,000 IU. 10/12. Unopened, 100 softgels.

    2 Aloha Medicinals K9 Immunity - 500 mg. 11/11. The plastic seals have been knocked off, but I think they are both full, 84 capsules each.

    1 New Chapter Mycomend -60 capsules. BB 5/31/11, but it has been refrigerated. Unopened. This has a similar mushroom blend to K9 Immunity.

    1 New chapter Zyflamend softgels. BB 6/31/11, but refrigerated. Opened, looks like at least 80 left in it. This is an antinflammatory herb blend, might help an arthritic dog.

    PM me and/or reply here.

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    Sorry about your doggie. If nobody here needs them, maybe your vet knows someone who does. Seems a shame to have to throw them out.

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