Ok, I have three little pooches that are all about 4. They eat the Kirklands chicken and rice food. Then Miss Lucy has Nutro Puppy. Here is my dilemma!

I have free fed the littles since forever. They are grazers and tend to get skinny if they don't have access to their food all day. But I know labs are very prone to over eating. I try to feed Lucy three times a day and supervise, but if I don't watch like a hawk, the littles swoop in and snatch her puppy food. It also goes the other way around, where Lucy tries to munch on their food throughout the day.

Any suggestions? Should I try to get them all on a schedule? Or is it a big deal?

I have also been looking into the raw diet, but my littles are a bit food aggressive with each other. I'm not sure if they would do well with such nummy food! For example, when they get pigs ear or something for a treat, they fight over them, steal them from each other, ECT even though they each have their own, and I don't want Lucy to learn that from them.

Help! Thanks in advance!