Glucosamine supplements. (not human ones for your dogs)
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Thread: Glucosamine supplements. (not human ones for your dogs)

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    DefaultGlucosamine supplements. (not human ones for your dogs)

    What do you give your dogs. I am not thinking of the store bought stuff as from what I hear it has more filler than pure glucosamine.
    I have asked this, but think the brand synoquin I am giving Erns maybe generic to N.Z. as no one replied.

    I am sure many use other forms of glucosamine and want to know what you think. Have you found it works.

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    Deacon gets Dasuquin, which my vet recommended and I get from them. It does seem to help, but it takes a while before you see the improvement. My vet said that's because it takes some time to build up in his system.

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    Glucosamine sulfate seems to work better than glucosamine HCL for me and the dogs.

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    Cosequin and Dasequin work best if started before there is severe damage. Dasequin seems to have made a profound difference for our tripod GSD. Her right rear was amputated and her left front was most likely damaged at the same time. She rarely has bad days anymore.

    Cosequin is a veterinary nutritional supplement. The FDA does not directly regulate the veterinary nutritional supplement industry. Nutramax Laboratories, Inc. (the manufacturer of Cosequin) however, voluntarily self-imposes manufacturing processes and an extensive quality control system guided by the FDA-regulated pharmaceutical industry standards. Cosequin has not only been documented to meet label claim. It is also the only glucosamine/chondroitin sulfate brand shown effective, safe, and absorbable in controlled studies conducted and published in the U.S.Advice for consumers about nutritional supplements is available at the FDA website: You may wish to check this site out.
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    Nellie and Bailey get Dasuqune with MSM. I buy it from Amazon.
    Nellie, CGC
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