Bleeding while teething?
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Thread: Bleeding while teething?

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    DefaultBleeding while teething?

    We are new lab owners, brought home a 4 1/2 month old, Charlie, from the breeder 2 weeks ago. For the past few days we've noticed a little bit of blood on some of his toys and paws. Today he had some larger blood spots on his paws, about the size of a dime, and I found a small tooth stuck to my shirt after playing with him.

    I assume this is simply normal teething which is why I didn't want to bother the vet or the breeder with it. Does this seem normal?

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    I have a new six month (I think) old lab and she is bleeding from her gums and leaves blood on my wrist/hands when we play. She also has a loose tooth here and there. I was told by the vet who I forgot to ask about it that she was teething and that meant she was roughly six months old. Then when I asked if that's where the blood came from she said yes.

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    My 6 month old has completed losing her baby teeth. She lost her last 2 upper canines about 3 weeks ago. She now has pearly white big dog teeth!! She didn't bleed, but if you dog's teeth were lose, but still attached a little and she was play-biting, it seems reasonable that she might bleed a little. I wouldn't worry unless it was a lot of blood. Welcome to the forum!

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    Yes, its perfectly normal. I've got a bleeder/teether here right now too.
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    It's normal, no need to worry
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