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    DefaultPee Problem!

    Hershey is 6, and has been peeing the bed off and on for a year. Recently it became more frequent and her vet put her on Proin for spay incontinence. Then she started drinking a lot more, but not needing out more than usual. Now she is wanting out frequently. I am wondering if the vet could have misdiagnosed? Sound like a problem anyone else has had? Thanks!
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    Has she been checked for a UTI or other bladder conditions? Our poodle does this but she was 15 yrs old last Feb. I haven't had a younger dog do it. I think spay incontinence is more of a leaky bladder, not one that they simply empty their bladder when sleeping. I am not sure about this, but it seems like that is what I read. Try googling it.

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    Moka is 2 and started having incontinence issues.
    I was adamant about NOT using Proin....we went with DES instead and it's been working great. No side effects or issues.
    Moka is only 2, so she is very active and high energy as it of the side effects of Proin is increased restlessness and agitation, which I didn't want.
    Moka was having accidents during the day, when she was sleeping...she would just wake up in a puddle and look at it shocked....

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    Did the vet check for diabetes?
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