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Thread: Proper amount of food to feed

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    DefaultProper amount of food to feed

    We just adopted a four year old black labrador who weighed in at 57 pounds at the vet. As our other dog was a dachshund mix who has special dietary needs, we want to make sure we are giving our gentle giant the proper amount of food. He currently gets a combination of wet and dry food twice a day, roughly how much wet and how much dry should we be giving him?

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    welcome to the board.

    it REALLY depends on what you are feeding and how much exercise the dog gets. look at what the bag says and start with feeding abit LESS than that (as they often suggest too much). Also reduce the amount of dry you give depending on how much wet food you give - I don't give wet so I can't say how to balance the two. maybe weigh the dog often during the first few months (like every two weeks) to see if they are gaining or not.

    My own dog gets 3 cups a day of grain free Go! Adult formula and gets about 2 hours of exercise a day (he is 7 years old)
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    My girls are both 2 years old and very active.....Moka weighs 51 lbs, Java weighs 58 lbs.
    Each girl gets 3/4 cup of food 2 x a day, plus I add a spoonful of wet food to each meal.
    My girls are on all grain free food (Fromm, TOTW, NV) and the wet food I use is 95% meat, no fillers.

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