I have a 9 year old female intact yellow Labrador called Motu. I had rescued her 3 years ago when she was abandoned by her prev. owners. She has been diagnosed recently with an esophageal diverticulum after she presented with symptoms of regurgitation. Her vet has recommended a liquid diet (she regurgitates even semi solid food). Motu has been on chicken broth with small quantities of powdered Eukanuba obesity (which was her regular diet earlier). She is fed approx. 50 ml chicken broth every 1.5 hrs after which I burp her to reduce the likelihood of regurgitation

Motu is on enalapril 5 mg/ day because of her enlarged heart (prophylaxis). She does not have a significant medical history.

I need recommendations for liquid diets for senior dogs. Is it a good idea to give Proteinex/ Cerelac.

Please advise.

Thank you