flea allergy dermatitis
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    It looks like our Sophie has flea allergy dermatitis. She had fles, and we used Frontline for 2 months and it didn't work at all! We had to wait 21 days from the last application of Frontline to try Advantix. We finally got to use it on Monday. Overnight the fleas were gone! Thank goodness! We sprayed our house with Raid-flea to be sure. She has lost hair especially on her inner thighs, and she has chewed patches off almost to the skin. We have an appointment with the vet next week. The vet tech told me on the phone to look on her inner thighs for bumps. Sure enough she is bumpy and rashy. I thought it was flea bites and they would heal up once the fleas were gone. The tech told me she might need a steroid shot. Does anyone know if the steroids are safe, and how long it takes to take care of the dermatitis, and how long it takes for the hair to grow back. I am thankful the Advantix worked! We used Frontline on our other pets and it always worked, so I was surprized when it didn't for Sophie.

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    We had to switch from Frontline to Advantix several years ago and have had great success with it. Now my dogs are on Advantix and my cats are on Advantage. I would NEVER poor Max through the misery of the dermatitis again. Thank goodness for Advantix!

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