Batman is limping and licking his paws
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Thread: Batman is limping and licking his paws

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    DefaultBatman is limping and licking his paws

    Today Batman has been limping around and frequently licking at his paws. Ive looked them over for stickers or whatever it could be but they look fine. He seems to lick at all of them and hes nervous about me checkng them out but not hell bent on stopping me like when hes had a sticker. Hes always been an inside dog but this weekend i finally got my fence put up so he has been outside in the grass a lot more than before. It makes me wonder if the grass is causing him pain. I have not fertilized the lawn recently but its possible my neigbor has and its a wraught iron fence so it would easily spread to my yard so i wonder about that too. Ill be taking him to the vet in the morning but wanted to see if anyone had any ideas. He is still exciteable but does seem to lounge around a bit more than usual.

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    You may have identified the cause, but because of my recent experinence with HK:

    Has it been hot where you are? Have you had him outon a walk on hot asphalt roadway that the sun has been beating down on?

    HK actually burned his paws early last week and exhibited the expact symptoms you described. Walking slowly, picking where she walked (looking for grass), stopped and licked her paws. I found what appear to be where skin (paw pad) had blistered and the dead skin torn off on two of her pads. I treated it with washing and Bacitracent, and halping her to take it easy for several days. The vet told me I was doing the right thing. Today she finally appears to have gotten back to normal, 6 days to heal.
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    Thanks so much for your reply. Yrs it'd been extremely hot here forthwith past two months. Anywhere from 103 to 114. I hope his paws aren't burned. *cry

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    Wish it was that hot here we are lucky to get 15 lol

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