Gracie might need some rimadyl or like med
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Thread: Gracie might need some rimadyl or like med

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    UnhappyGracie might need some rimadyl or like med

    Hi guys.......... Gracie is 91/2 and we have noticed within the last month she is reluctant to jump on our bed. She did strain her rear leg about a month ago but is no longer limping at all but it just seems like she is stiff getting up from dog bed and might be sadly entering into a phase wher she needs some soreness or joint relief. I hear such side affects from Metacm adn Rimdayl...please give me some advice. She had complted blood wotk done in December and all was good. We have a two year old lab too and they love each other , sleep together and still Gracies tries to catch the frisbee but never beats the younster of course...we give her time alone to catch it and not try to compete. I appreciate and words of wisdom

    I am sad about this

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    Cammie was prescribed Meloxicam for her arthritis. The vet told me to have the RX filled at Walmart- it was only about $4.00. It helped a bit, but she was about 13, and very stiff. She had no adverse effects.

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    I would go with whatever the vet thinks is best for Gracie. My cousins American pit bull terrier puppy broke her same leg twice while running in the yard and the vet said to not let her jump on the bed or any other furniture. It is a little different but they are worried she will mess up her leg again. They made her a little platform so she could still cuddle with them on the couch.
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    We use Rimadyl for Java after 2 ACL repairs. She does great on it and has had no side effects. She is not on it for any length of time though, just as needed.
    9 is not that old...have you taken her in to have her rear leg/knee looked at? It sounds to me like she could have a possible ACL injury, which could cause the symptoms you are describing.

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