Adequan for Elbow DJD
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Thread: Adequan for Elbow DJD

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    DefaultAdequan for Elbow DJD

    I apologize if there are already discussions going on about this, I search and they all seemed to date back to 2010.

    My 8 month old lab is recovering from elbow joint surgery and the vet informed us that his DJD was worse then expected. He recommended we look into Adequan inejctions and feel it would help him alot. Its been 3 weeks since his surgery and as of last night... Moose had great range of motion in the elbow, no clicking or any signs of pain, however, he's still limping and may always limp due to the severity of the DJD.

    I've done some research and i've been reading some wonderful things about it. Has anyone had any experience with it and have you noticed a difference?

    Denise (and Moo)

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    I gave the injections to 2 of my oldsters. It seemed to help 1 but not the other. All you can do is give it a try and see if it works for your dog. I know a lot of Lab peeps who are giving their dogs Lubrisyn and seeing an improvement. LubriSyn If you decide to try the Lubrisyn, Google it to find the least expensive place to purchase.


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    I would look into a daily supplement you can give. Lubrisyn is good. Tryxsin is supposedly similar. I use Canine Hylasport.

    Then if daily supplements don't alleviate the problems, you can ADD occaisonly adaquan injections.

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    I've used Adequan with amazing success with a horse. I tried it on an elderly dog with elbow issues with no effect whatsoever. My friend used it on a young Newfie with elbow problems with good success. That's the problem with Adequan, you don't know if it'll work until you try it and its very expensive because you won't know until multiple injections have been done.
    Good Luck

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    Nothing to add - just want to tell you how sorry I am that you have such a problem with your very young dog. Was the breeder notified of his elbow issue?
    Sharon, Blaise and Diesel.

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