Update on Bella's food issues
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Thread: Update on Bella's food issues

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    DefaultUpdate on Bella's food issues

    As I stated in an earlier thread, Bella Mia was having problems with itchy skin, goopy eyes, lots of loose stools and anal gland issues. But it's been 8 days on Natural Balance LID and she is doing great. Doesn't scratch that much anymore, has firm stools a goes just few times a day and her eyes have pretty much cleared up. And the biggie, she is expressing her anal glands now when she goes potty. I have seen her empty them a couple of times so I am so happy for her. She seems to have her spark back and I am amazed this has transpired in just a week. Wow, I am one happy mom!
    Sweet Bella Mia at Zion National Park.

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    GREAT!! So glad you found success!!

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    Great news!

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