Is this an injury or an allergy
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Thread: Is this an injury or an allergy

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    DefaultIs this an injury or an allergy

    I noticed an irritation above Lex's nose a couple of days ago. I can't figure-out if he did this trying to open his kennel (post 4th of July panic attack) or it is an allergic reaction to something. There seems to be some infection and yellow crust in the area. I have treated with Hydrogen Peroxide once daily for three days, I guess it is getting better. Any thoughts?
    I'm having trouble uploading a 33KB .JPG file, Help? I keep getting an error message and red X.
    This is my first post so please be patient with me.



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    I would suspect injury if it is only the nose - allergies would have other symptoms such as itching and not located just at the nose.

    I would personally recommend seeing a vet if it is infected, not sure that hydrogen peroxide is the best way to treat infection.
    Charlie (foster) and Rocky

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    I agree with PP; if it hasn't healed in 18 days I would go see the vet. I don't think the peroxide is your best choice, dogs heal best alone. Hope he's better soon.

    Melissa; mommy to Mitchell and fur baby Mandy

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