Puppy has fever - need advice
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Thread: Puppy has fever - need advice

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    DefaultPuppy has fever - need advice

    Our 5 and a half month chocolate lab puppy started to act very lethargic yesterday afternoon, and felt hot to the touch. When the lethargy didn't go away after we fed him last night, we decided to take him to animal urgent care. The vet took his temp and it was 106. To bring the temp down they applied rubbing alcohol to his pads, and wrapped him in a wet towel. Our puppy is all up-to-date on his vaccinations, and the vet tested him for parvo and tick-borne illnesses, which all came back negative. Before we left they treated him with fluids, and his temp was down to 104. We kept the fan on him at night. This morning he was acting less lethargic, playing with his toys, etc. He's still eating food & eliminating on schedule. But when I got home this afternoon and took his temp, it's still at 104.2.

    Any idea of what this could be? Do you think it will clear out of his system naturally? I want to avoid having to take him to urgent care again and get poked & prodded more.

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    He'd be at a vet if he was mine. He has an infection of some sort. Did they do any additional bloodwork on him? Do you have a regular vet?

    Normal temp is 101.5.

    Is he in a hot environment (outdoors in the sun) or indoors in air conditioning?
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    Back to the vet asap - make 'em figure it out!

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    *points to her right palm*


    Get thee to a vet


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    One of our labs had a fever, 106. We took her to the E-vet & she had to stay the weekend. They did x-rays, all kinds of blood work & tested for every tick borne illness there is. She was on IV fluids for a day & a half. She did get better & was able to come home after two days, but she was put on doxycycline when we left the E-vet because most of the tick borne tests took seven days to come back & they just wanted to have her on the meds in case. All tests came back negative, the doxycycline was stopped. We never did know what it was. But there was some sort of canine "flu" going around & the vet said it could be that. They also told us sometimes young dogs get sick & they never know for sure what it is & they get better. Even though we watch them like a hawk...could be she ate something, just had the canine flu. We never knew.

    If he were mine, I would have him back at the vet, ASAP. His temp should not be that high. They can dehydrate from a fever.

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