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Thread: Benadryl?

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    I have a 3-yr-old Chocolate Lab (a pound puppy) that I'm 90% sure is allergic to grass. Every spring and summer he starts scratching and chewing at his back and tail and his hair thins out in those areas. He also won't go more than 3 feet into our yard, staying close to the house where there is less grass. His hair grows back and he only itches from the occasional bug bite during the fall and winter. Our other dogs don't have this problem.

    I know I can give him Benadryl to ease the itching but what's the proper dosage? He weighed 90lbs on his last vet visit. Is it better to give him pills or liquid? Adult or children's?

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    I'd call the vet to make sure of the proper dosage.

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    I agree with midwestgirl about checking with the vet. On the 4th though, I was looking for something to calm my elderly dog. She's never had a problem with fireworks. I read several places that its 1mg per pound. But it was a one time thing also. So if you would be giving long term, definetly check with the vet and maybe they would know of a better solution.

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    I would call the vet and check with them first. Thanks for rescuing
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    My first lab Casey was allergic to grass, she weighed in at about 75 lbs, she took benadryl almost everyday. She would chew her feet until they bled. I do not remember the dosage, she did take the pills..not the liquid and it was for adults, I would check with your vet to see the amount that your pup can take.

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    Benedryl will do very little to alleviate environmental allergies, from my experience. Wipe him down with a damp towel every time he comes in from the outdoors to remove any pollen from him. Also, make sure you don't use any fertilizers or weed killers on your lawn. The allergy could be from almost anything, not necessarily grass. I give my 72 lb guy a 50mg benedryl if he gets a deer fly bite on his face, which completely eliminates the swelling.

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