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    DefaultEar Problems/Allergies, etc

    My 3 year old chocolate lab, Cooper has had chronic ear infections for 6 months now. We have had his ears flushed, cleaned, etc over and over again. This is the second time his ears have been so bad that they had to be flushed. I feel like a terrible mom, even though I clean and medicate every day! The vet says he has an allergy but they won't do testing until the fall.
    I have done the elimination diet as best I can (it's hard with 3 other labs) but he didn't like any of the other foods. He is now on the raw diet (prey model) and is doing better but that is also after a dose of oral antibiotics.
    This past week one of his ears has again become infected!!! I am beginning to believe it is not a food allergy but seeing as the problem is the worst in the winter I am not sure what it could be.
    He also has skin issues. I cannot bathe him. No matter what shampoo I use, and believe me I have a dozen different bottles in the cupboard now, he breaks out in sores all over his body. He usually has to go on Steroids after a bath to stop the sores/itching/dry skin, etc.
    I have been reading about Systemic Yeast Infection but I don't know if this is a real problem or not and I also don't know if this is what he has? I am wondering about some sore of digestive problem?
    I just had the vet test his Thyroid. No answer yet on that.
    I have spent over $3,000 this winter on him. I am at the end of my rope. Luckily, my husband has not said anything but he doesn't really know how much I have spent.
    Any help/suggestions would be much appreciated.

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    Hi Marilynne- Jake, my soon to be 4 yr old Yellow lab has had ear infections every summer. My vet at thye time said once they have ear infections, they will always have them. Jake swims in the pool everyday which doesn't help but I cant deny him what he loves. What I do when I notice him having ear issues is clean his ears daily and I put Mometamax in them every evening and it clears after a few days.
    Luke, my older Lab who has since passed had allerdies his whole life and had itchy skin as well and I was given Animax, a topical cream to put on the areas where he would pull his fur out and it cleared it up after a few days. Unfortunately there was nothing else they could do so that was what I had to do several times a year when he would start itching. What food are you feeding him? I switched Luke several times until he finally stopped and I did my own testing which was grain free food...

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    DefaultAlso needing help with ear problems

    I have been trying different treatments including changing his food to see if we have any improvement. So far, it's been six months and the ear problem is not gone. I keep cleaning them everyday and that's the only remedy I can give him. I feel terrible for him, what a nuissance. Has anyone tried a drop of cell food in the water bowl? Someone reccomend this to me. Also, I am considering putting him on a raw diet again to see if that helps address some of the candida issues.

    Any treatments you have tried that have not worked would be helpful. I can also provide feedback on my trials and errors. There has got to be a good, natural solution.

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    Not sure what to tell you. My Nellie developed ear infections years ago when Costco changed its foods. It has been years and her ears are clear. Bailey, who I've had about a year and a half also had constant ear infections. The vet determined he is allergic to chicken. Since changing his food to salmon he has had no problems but still has dirty ears.
    Nellie, CGC
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    I battle this with Tucker as well...in addition to being on a Limited Ingredient Diet (Duck and Potato), I give him ketoconozole and Atopica daily as well as 2 Hydroxyzine twice a day...It has helped significantly...he will always have problems, but this has certainly made things better...he has food AND environmental allergies so EVERYTHING irritates him...he chews bald spots into his coat, chews his paws and his ears were ALWAYS nasty...after about a month on this regimen, I can definitely see improvement...ask your doctor about Atopica...it is very expensive, but it does help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2011Luke View Post
    ...My vet at thye time said once they have ear infections, they will always have them...
    That's only true if you don't or can't find what is triggering the infections. Our Mick had quite a few ear infections early in his life ( as well as itchy, flaky skin and frequent hot spots from chewing when he was itchy). I changed his food to help his skin and didn't have any ear issues for years (until I changed foods again to what was considered a better food than what wasn't causing the ear infections).

    It's very possible that Cooper is reacting to something in the environment. Caleb has food issues (he's on a grain & beef free diet), but he's itchy all year (it's better than it was before the food switch). His itchiness gets better in the summer when he's playing in his pool or the hose, which rinses allergens off. He gets pretty itchy when he hasn't been in the water for a few days, which includes the fall, winter and spring. I usually end up letting him soak in an Aveeno bath at least once during the winter. Also, more frequent vacuuming seems to help him.

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    I adopted Tessa last week who suffers the same things. She has been diagnosed with yeast infections, and sore ears. I am doing the elimination diet, she has ear drops 3 times a day, and shampoo every 2nd day. The difference in her coat has been amazing in just a week. She has had ear problems all her life and have been told there is a more than likely chance it will continue as she has had them for so long. But we will see.

    Yeast infections make them smell and no amount of washing take it away. Oh my...the smell of Tessa. Even the clothes I wore to pick her up have been washed 3 times.

    I have Ernie who has Crohns (IBD) and allergies so can't not have any other food than the prescription diet.At first I thought it would be very difficult, but hasn't been hard at all. I feed Gems in another room and now with Tessa I feed with Gemma.

    I understand the frustration and costs. Erns cost me a fortune. I feed him raw and his allergies cleared.

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    Ernie 25/11/01 adopted May 05
    Sam 11? adopted Nov 06 - 18/12/07 Lyphoma
    Tessa. Rescued June 2011.
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