what age is ok to switch to adult food
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Thread: what age is ok to switch to adult food

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    Defaultwhat age is ok to switch to adult food

    years ago i had a rottie . when he was a pup my vet told me to switch him to adult food at 5-6 months. that puppy food made them grow too fast. my last lab ate puppy food his first year and had hip problems his whole adult life. I dont know if it is related to the food or not but my rottie was fine. my vet now is insisting that my puppy needs to be on a large breed puppy food. i have read some internet articles on large and giant breeds saying they dont as long as the protien, fat, and calcium are within a certain range (other factors too but those were the major ones) in the adult food. I already went out and bought an adult large breed food (nutri source)and now I am afraid to feed it to him. any opinions? please! im ready to rip my hair out!

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    Most of us here don't advocate LB food for Labs as they are not really large dogs. You can switch from puppy food (regular puppy food) to an all life stages food at 4-6 months - but just be sure its all life stages. There are some foods with too much calcium in them for growing dogs.

    This is an often posted about topic - you can search on here for puppy food large breed and you'll find a plethora of info.
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    I switched Java to adult food at 5 months old, she weighed 55 lbs at 20 weeks and was growing too fast. She was on Eukanuba as a pup, so switched her to adult Euk. I switched her to a premium grain free when she was 13 months old.
    Moka stayed on puppy food until she was 9 months old, but she had broken her leg and required 2 surgeries to repair it, so I kept her on puppy food for the extra nutrition until she was all healed, then she was switched to grain free also. She was smaller though, so switching her to adult food at 5 months was not as important as it was with Java.

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    Bentley was on the kirkland puppy food for the first few months we had him and was growing super fast. I was researching food and decided to go grain free. It seems that most of the 'better' foods out there are an all life stage and can be feed from birth until they are seniors. The shop that I get my food at was telling me about 'puppy' food and how with most brands it is a selling gimic. People think that they need puppy food for their puppy and senior food for their senior, when in fact, they are very similiar and it is a way to make money, as they are typically priced more expensively. Bentley has been thriving on TOTW and he loves it, but then again he would eat anything that hit his bowl.

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