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    My 9 yr old lab who has had a history of mast cell tumours now has two more.
    We have always removed them as foundwith complete removal.
    She developed a "cyst" about 12 months ago that was checked by the vet as.
    It has now increased in size and has been aspirated as a mast cell tumour.
    It is on her side of her stomach.
    Probably not a problem to remove other than it is the largest one that she will have ever had.
    The problem is that she has another one, on her front right leg under the skin that is like a swelling and it also big.
    We are concerned that the leg tumour will be nasty to remove and will have to do other operations re getting enough skin to close it.
    She has a history of also splitting stitches.

    We don't know what to do.
    The vet said that they are probably mild to med growing mast cells.
    They want to do a blood test to see if they have spread.

    She we do the blood test or let her enjoy the time that she has left.

    Last year she had her second TPLO operation and it was hard on her.

    Over her life I would say that she has had about 15 operations removing these mast cells which were always in easier places to remove.

    Any thoughts.

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    i'd get rid of them.

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    Any chance you can remove the one on her side and then take as much of the leg one as able to while still being able to close it and following up with radiation therapy in that area?

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    thanks for the info.
    We go back to the vet on Sat.
    Will ask about your idea.
    Just don't want to put her through a lot to end up at this age with poor results re the front leg area.

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