Confirmed Clostridium Perfingens in male puppy
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Thread: Confirmed Clostridium Perfingens in male puppy

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    UnhappyConfirmed Clostridium Perfingens in male puppy

    My Lab, Gabe, has had diarrhea off and on since 9 1/2 weeks of age. We got him at 8 weeks. He got a treat that we discovered later was not meant for puppies and he also went on a car ride that he did not like. Long story short. He was treated for Flagyl. Worked till it stopped. Then a second round of panacur just in case. It resolved for no apparent reason days before his 100 dollar analysis came back as clostridium perfingens. Now it is back again and right when his third round of shots are due. I read it can be hard to know which strain he has and which antibiotic to use without hundreds of more dollars spend to figure it out. See the vet soon...just wondering if anyone else has experienced this and what happened with you. It has been a long hard road of mucous stools, straining...and trips outside. Thank heavens he was house broken literally the first week with no accidents in the house throughout all of this! Worried vet will say its okay to give him shots while this is flared up. He got second round of shots at the tail end of the Flagyl.

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    Sorry no experience but just thought I would send good thoughts.
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    A neighbor's adult dog had it about 3 or 4 months ago. I don't know a lot about the treatment they used except that the dog was on antibiotics. I hadn't heard of it before, but when I asked the vet (concerned it was something going around the area) he said they saw it occasionally. I actually posted about it back in February. My post shows up under similar threads.....see below. Good thoughts for Gabe.

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    For a fact the spec sheets that come with the vaccines say "FOR HEALTHY DOG ONLY". Really press your vet on that to make sure he is aware of it and has had the experience to make a serious judgement call like that.
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