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    DefaultPossible EIC

    My lab Molly is about 14 months old. We adopted her from and older couple who got the dog from their sone that could not care for her for some reason we never learned. I think she probably has some golden retriever in her but not sure. The couple said their son told them the parents "had papers", but I find that doubtful.
    In any case she's a wonderful dog.

    She is highly active and loves fetch. I take her to the park just about daily in addition to playing with her in the yard and in the house.
    But at the park I can really throw the frisbe and she goes full bore back and forth until she's worn me out.

    I live about 2 blocks from the park, and depending on my mood, we walk, bike, or she rides in th back of my truck. She jumps into the truck usually before I can get the tailgate all the way down, she always stays in the truck until I let it down for her and tell her it's ok to get out.

    Episode 1.)
    A couple months ago we had a normal trip to the park and when we got home I lowered the tailgate of my truck and she stumbled out dragging her back legs off the gate then walked towards the neighbors yard and drug her back legs over a short flower pot on the edge of the driveway. I called her to come back and she didn't immediately respond, but slowly walked back after the 2nd or 3rd call.

    I though that was pretty odd and did some research discovering EIC, CNM, and DM.

    Episode 2.)
    About a month ago my girlfriend and I too Molly to the park o our bikes. (When on bikes we usually let her walk beside us without a leash and she stops at intersections and obeys well, this of course when traffic is not busy, usually late afternoons and Sundays.) It was our normal routine at the park but when leaving she was walking far ahead of us and did not respond to being called back. I generally come to a stop when I call her, she comes back, and when she gets back we resume. She did not respond, so I sped up to catch up with her, she seemed slightly dazed and unresponsive. She was walking in the right direction to go home. I did manage to get her to stop at the main intersection but she did not wait to cross with my permission as usual, she walked right into traffic and was nearly hit by a passing car. I pulled her back to the sidewalk by her caller, and she stayed as told until we finally crossed. After crossing she again took off far ahead and would not respond to calls. She did make the correct turn to head for home, but then passed our house once on our street which was also unusual.

    3rd Episode (collapse)
    We were at the park Thursday afternoon and after about 5-10 minutes of fetch she brought the frisbe back and layed down in front of me. I didn't think too much of it as it was warm and humid out and she sometimes slows a little to rest now and again. She layed in front of me smiling and tail wagging, and I let her rest for about 30 seconds before throwing the frisbe again. After throwing the frisbe instead of jolting off, she got up and walked towards it. She walked right by the frisbe. I called for her and she did not respond. She just kept walking until she got to a chain link fence about 50 ft past the frisbe landing spot and laid down. I was already walking towards her while calling after she passed the frisbe and when I got to her she kind of just looked all around like she couldn't see my. She did respond to my voice and layed over a little. She did not seem to be in pain, but could not hold her head forward, it kept tilting back, and she would catch it and pull forward, like someone very tired or severely intoxicated.

    Some of the youtube videos of EIC are very similar, but I've never really seen her just lose control of back legs, it seems her whole body is out of control.

    We are leaving town for a week and will take her to the vet when we return, in the mean time we're going to take it easy on her.

    I just wanted to get some thoughts from other lab owners. I do have one question though, is it worth it to have test done? There really isn't any curing her if it's eic, cnm, or dm right?

    In case anyone is wondering, she is spayed and I contacted the people we adopted her from to tell the breeders they maybe breeding dogs with genetic disorders.
    She's fed taste of the wild wetlands. I'll post pics of her in my intro thread shortly.

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    It may or may not be what you think it is so if it were my dog I would take her to the vet as soon as you can if it were my dog.
    Ernie has touble in the heat. Your 3rd episode Erns has had a couple of times but maybe something very different. I keep him quiet and have a cool pack on him when it is warm.

    Good thoughts it isn't anything serious.

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    I would think it would be worth getting testing done, just so you know what you're dealing with. It could also be seizures - they don't all present the same - and while that is also not a fun diagnosis, it is treatable.
    Good luck - hope you hear good things from your vet!

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    I would take him to the vet. You never know what it could be like the others said. Hope it aint anything serious
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    EIC is reasonably easy to test for (cheek swab) and reasonably cheap. If it's positive, at least you'll know how to manage her better. If it isn't...I'd think epilepsy as well...it shows up in many different forms. Good Luck.

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    I would def do a vet check, so you know what you are dealing with and how to treat or handle it. Good luck, keep us posted.

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    I would do the EIC test: DDC EIC DNA Testing | Labrador Exercise Induced Collapse
    It is worth the $58 and honestly, I would wait on a vet appointment until you got the results because I find that most vets have no clue about EIC.

    My gut is telling me that she might be having seizures. EIC usually doesn't leave a dog unresponsive. Just incapable of moving the back legs or wobbling. They are usually MENTALLY there. And usually recover really quickly. They could look like it's walking very drunk. It can often look like heat stroke but with a fast recovery. You usually need to have alot of factors lining up for EIC: heat, no rest, dehydrating, LOTS of activity...

    Do the EIC test though and rule it out.

    If it IS, you can easily manage it. I have an EIC affected dog. He's had a partial collapse once
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