Auto immune pain anyone?
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Thread: Auto immune pain anyone?

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    DefaultAuto immune pain anyone?

    I just cant believe this! As some of you will know i have 10 year lab with allergies, arthritis and leishmaniasis. Last year we got Cheka, she is now 20 months old. Last year ,4 days after her last vaccination, (a combination with Rabies) she developed a really high temperature and pain in every single joint. Vets conclusion then was either a reaction to the vaccination or autoimmune rheumatism, the latter he was blaming on the breed. Now, 18 months later, suddenly Cheka can only get up with great difficulty, is obviously in great pain. I though first it was stomach/intestines as it seemed to be that part of her body, but now believe its spinal pain thats causing her to hunch up.
    I am very anti Rabies, and if it transpires this is auto immune I will always believe it was triggered by the vaccines.
    My question is how does one test to discover if this an autoimmune issue? Do any of you have experience with dealing with this?
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