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    Default...Dog Food

    There's a lot of discussion about brands, amounts, times per day, etc. Bean's eating a grain-free specialty brand due to skin flaking (grain sensitivity?).

    My dear, departed lab mix Cammy ate Walmart's Maxximum Nutrition, in randomly scooped amounts twice a day. She lived a very healthy life until the age of 14 1/2, when old age finally told me it was time to let go. Was that food really great? I never gave a second thought to amounts or brands, just cutting back a bit when she looked a little heavy.

    I'm wondering if I'm overthinking the food aspect with my new dog. I'm measuring, reading reviews, worrying about quality, and inspecting poop.

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    I don't think you are overthinking it at all. Hey, back in the day people used to bring up dogs on Alpo for pete sake! Sure dogs survived & seemed to be fine, but with all the knowledge today why not feed them what is best based on all the testing & reviews?

    Majority seems to say 3-4cups/day of a quality food. I've never heard of the Walmart brand you listed. As far as inspecting poop... you shouldn't need to "inspect" it, just a quick glance will tell you if you need to actually inspect it LOL. After all, their poop is their voice, it can tell you a lot.

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    It's easy to overthink the food issue.
    I found a good, grain free food that I am happy with the ingredients and my girls do well on-clear eyes, clean ears, gorgeous coats, healthy skin, firm poops, lean and trim build.
    As long as they're doing this well on it, I leave it at that. I am not about to get on the food roller coaster like so many people I know.
    If for whatever reason, an issue comes up with the food then I will consider switching. But for now, I am thrilled with how my girls are doing on the food they're on and I am not going to overanalyze every little thing about it. You can drive yourself crazy doing that.

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    Agree with Javasmom.

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    You are over-thinking it. But just because a dog did well on crummy food (most CAN) doesn't mean that's the right food to feed. We want to find a good food that our dogs do well on, one that is healthy AND doesn't ruin our monthly budget. If that's a premium grain free, great. If that's Purina ONE, that's OK too.

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    I went on a brief food roller coaster while I was finding something that worked for both of my dogs. One of my dogs has a severe food allergy (rice).

    Measuring, reading reviews and inspecting poop is the order of the day around here. You have to measure. These are Labs. They will eat an entire 40 pound bag of dog food in one sitting if you let them. Reviews are important because some dog foods... just flat out shouldn't be on the market. They sell dog food at the dollar store for goodness sake! Who knows how long that stuff has been sitting on a shelf (I won't buy dog food with dust sitting on top of the bag, just NOT gonna happen). Inspecting poo happens here too, one of my dogs is a cancer patient, the other one... well dogs get sick too. Stools should look a certain way if the food is working right... so knowing what's normal and what isn't is important so that you know when to take your guy to the vet.

    Now.. that said... don't overthink it because you can end up going insane with food switches. So make it simple. Feed what your breeder feeds. I think you can trust them to choose wisely for their dogs, that's why you chose that breeder in the first place.

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    Raw food is very accurate for the dogs and i have been giving raw food to my dog as it is the best food for the dogs.

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