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    Found our first tick on Maisy (5 mos.) this morning on the top of her ear near where it attaches to skull. Yuck. It was caramel colored, about the size and shape of a pine-nut/fat grain of rice. Vet assistant pulled it out with tweezers and definitely got the head, could see looking at the tick. Unfortunately, she didn't save it, so I can't ID it. Won't make that mistake again. Questions:

    1.) There is a pea-sized lump in the area where it was removed. Is this normal? Indicate infection or disease transmission?

    2.) She's on Frontline Plus and Interceptor, but TODAY (end of the month) is the day she's due for next application. Do preventives become less active toward end of the month, or stay active for more than 30 days? How did Maisy get an engorged tick if on preventives?

    3.) The last time we were out in woods was Monday, but today is Friday. Does that mean the tick was on her for 4 days and just visible today? (I pet her all the time, so surprised I would have missed it.) OR, could she have gotten a tick in city park or from another dog at city dog run this week? Are ticks common in city parks/dog runs?

    - I've checked online to try ID it, and can't tell if it's a dog tick or deer tick. We live in northeast, so Lyme is an issue. Anything I should do at this point?


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    1. That's normal, it's the body's response to the irritation of the tick.
    2. No flea and tick preventative is 100% and their efficacy does wane at the end of the period - but Frontline especially seems to not be working as well in the Northeast anymore. You could try Advantix and see if that works better.
    3. If there are small mammals around there could be ticks. We live in a city and see ticks a fair amount.

    Lyme disease in dogs is controversial, if you'd like the learn more this is a great read:
    (it's a pdf file from the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine)

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    Java was on Frontline as a pup also, but we found a tick on her and at 5 months she was Lyme-positive. She was treated for it and seems to have no after-effects, but we did switch her to Advantix. We live in the Northeast also and the Frontline did not seem to be working very well.
    Now, with Moka, she is only 12 weeks old and Advantix is not recommended on a pup this young, so we have to use Frontline. We're just keeping a close eye on her.

    Read up on the symptoms of Lyme disease so you know what to look for in Maisy, in case it was an infected tick.

    We live in MA and the ticks here are unbelievable right now!! It's disgusting!!

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