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    My lab has 2 big hot spots on the front of her legs.. any treatment suggestions? Thanx! Bluehen

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    I clean my dog's hot spots with peroxide then apply neosporin. I also used Sulfodene from Petsmart (specifically for hotspots) and other people told me to buy Veterinarian's Best Hot Spot foam so I have it ready for next time! I coned my dog to keep him from licking it. I also cleaned/applied everything twice a day. Took about a week to heal. They are NOT fun!!

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    I recently read that organic apple cider viniger (Boggs brand with the mother) sparyed on hot spots works well. If open sores dilute 50% with water.

    I would also add it to the food at 1 tbspn daily with water added. Helps ward off yeast and works great for dry flakey skin. It is just a wonderful product all the way around for humans and animals.

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