HELP - Diarrhea, not sure what to do!!!
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Thread: HELP - Diarrhea, not sure what to do!!!

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    QuestionHELP - Diarrhea, not sure what to do!!!


    I am new to this site and am glad I found it. Hope to get some helpful info.

    I have a 3,5 months choco lab and recently I have tried to switch him to the raw diet. At first he was fine, but then a few days later he was getting diarrhea that would not stop for several days. I was supposed to take him for his last shot of DHP/PP/Bordatella and didn't want him to have the shot done while having diarrhea (too much stress on the body as it is). So I went and bought him dry food - Wellness Just for puppy. He was previously on Science Diet but after I read what it is made of, I refuse to go back to that food. Anyway, he's been back on Wellness for a few days now and at first his stool went back to solid (well almost) but today and yesterday he has been having diarreah again. I still took him to get his shot today. He is playful and all in good spirit, so I am not concerned about him being seriously sick.

    However, I am wondering what to do now. It seems that I either disturbed his digestive system too bad with introducing him to raw meat/eggs, etc or that he is just too sensitive to Wellness. I am not sure what to do at this point. Afraid to switch to a diff food, what if it will mess him up even more? Or should I wait it out and give him time to adjust to this new dry food? I also suspect that it may be due to the higher caloric content ( read that Science Diet had 357 kcal per cup and Wellness has 450). But then I am feeding him the amount that is the requirement on the package - 3 1/2 cups a day, was on 3 cups for Science but since then he has gained weight.

    Sorry for such a long post, but I really need a good advice and wanted you guys to know all the details of what is happening.

    Thank you in advance!!!

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    No one care to give me any suggestions?!? No one???

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    It could be the difference in kcals/cup that was causing the stomach upset -- the one with more kcals would be considered much richer.

    The proper amount to feed a Lab puppy is kind of hard to determine since many tend to be gluttonous. And going by what's suggested on the bag is not usually wise since most dog food mfrs grossly overstate the recommended amounts.

    You might try reducing the amount you feed by 1/2 cup/meal for now and see if that helps. (Many canine nutritional studies have shown that Labs fed less than a normal amount from young puppies on through adulthood live much longer lives and are far healthier so the danger of slightly underfeeding would have less long range harm than overfeeding.)

    But why did you experiment with RAW feeding? Puppies have really specific nutritional needs and meeting those by feeding RAW would be extremely difficult. While there is a small cult that does this, I'm not aware of ANY published scientific studies on its long term consequences for joint health or overall health. Several years ago, someone sent me an anonymous PM that a leading proponent of RAW feeding for all ages has had many dogs with severe joint problems.

    Your pup is much more likely to grow up healthy and with good joints if you feed him a good quality Large Breed Puppy food because that will have the ingredients in the proper proportions and ratios.

    I'll look for a post I've often made on this subject and ETA a link to it here: (see my post in this thread, it's #3)

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    Thank you, Bob! I will try to lower the amount of food I give him. He went to the bathroom this afternoon and it was not as loose but still not solid. Hopefully he will get adjusted to the food.

    As far as feeding raw. I have had dogs before where all of the food they ate was home made (not table scraps of course). I tend to be on board with the raw feeding camp only because the meat, bones and veggies is what the ancient canines have been on. I do not believe that dogs need all the crap that is put in the dry food as fillers - corn, tomato pomace, beets, wheat and ton of grains. Not to mention preservatives and other chemicals. The by-product meat - please! God knows what kinda meat that is and I refuse to feed my dog some ethinized animal or cancer polluted meat. Plus, the temperature the food is cooked at kills all the possible nutrients there are. Furthermore, one should wonder why in the world dogs get to 6-7 years of age and then they have cancer, not to mention ongoing ear infections, skin problems and so forth. But cancer is predominantly. Where I am from - Europe, we never had this dry processed food and our dogs all ate and eat now days all natural. Never did my dogs, or my relatives, or any of my friends' dogs die from cancer......

    I will keep him on the kebble for now as much as I do not want to because he seemed to be a little too young or have a sensitive stomach for the raw. All those brands - Science Diet, Nutro, Eukanuba, ProPlan, and so on have absolutely worthless for the most part ingredients in my mind. When I read the labels, it made me sick. Most on here probably know about the dogfoodanalysis website. So after doing some research, the only kebble for now I am considering is grain free Orijen, Horizon Legay, Artemis and Wellness, all specifically for puppy.

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