What Vaccines are really neccessary???
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Thread: What Vaccines are really neccessary???

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    DefaultWhat Vaccines are really neccessary???

    I have Stoli's appt for her annual shot today. They told me she is due for everything but legally I only need to give her the rabies booster. I don't want to overvaccinate her. They mentioned Rabies, Parvo, Distemper, and Kennel Cough. She is not usually around other dogs, lives indoors, and is never boarded.


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    We got our dogs those 4 shots and they need it. You never know when you have an emergency or something come up that they will need those shots! It may get pricy but it is worth it.
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    I give Rabies & DHLPP (which would include Parvo & Distemper)

    I do not give Bordetella or Lymes.

    Its toally up to you if you want to vaccinate for everything else besides Rabies...and keep in mind if you do run the vaccines you can always run Titer tests in the future to see if she really "needs" more vaccines by the time they're due.

    We are moving towards more limited vaccines.
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    I don't think there's a universal list that applies to all dogs because there are certain areas with higher risks of certain diseases.

    With my dog, I do the core vaccines (UC Davis VMTH Canine Vaccination Guidelines) every three years, although the rabies and other vaccines are given in different years.
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    I give Rabies every three years, and then the distemper vaccination the following year (as a three year vaccination), I do not give bordatella because it's not necessary, but I do give Lepto annually because of the field work that my boys do and the type of water they are in. I do not do more than one vaccine at a visit though. After age 10, I will not do any additional vaccinations for them. Rider is set except for Lepto this year, and Rookie is due for Rabies.
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    The UK is still free of rabies so we only need to vaccinate if going to Europe to qualify for a pet passport.

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    I do Rabies, Lepto, Parvo & distemper, as well as Lyme.
    I will not do bordatella(kennel cough) this year.
    Last year Moka and Java both got bordatella only because the rehab facility we were taking Moka to for swim therapy required it for both dogs.

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    One year after last puppy shot I give a booster of DA2PP or DHPP. 4-8 weeks later (one year from last shot) I give 3 year rabies.

    3 years later I titer for distemper and parvo - if dog is covered I don't vaccinate.

    I follow Jean Dodds protocol.

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    We titer for DA2PP. If I ever have to give it again I'll break it up most likely. Jake's titer is good as of August. Charlotte is due for her titer in another two years.

    I don't give Leptospirosis, Lyme, or Bordatella to Jake. Charlotte gets intranasal Bordatella so she can go to daycare

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    Distemper/parvo is a combo vx and I would def get bordatella....your dog can get kennel cough at a petstore, dog park, boarding facility....depending on the age of your dog, you may also want to ask about the 3 yr rabies and distemper vx...

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