Problems with Anal Glands?
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Thread: Problems with Anal Glands?

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    DefaultProblems with Anal Glands?

    Hello all,

    I am semi new here, I used to have an acocunt under the same name but for some reason it seems to have been deleted so I just re-signed up.

    Anyway, Duncan, seems to have a problem (well I think it is but maybe its normal) with his anal glands. Frequently I find little spots of what we call "butt stuff" on the bed or the couch and cleaning it up I can smell the very pungent characteristic smell.

    Any ideas as to what can be causing this? I try to keep him on his bed or on the blanket that we put on his spot on the couch but we all know that keeping a lab in one place is impossible! LOL

    Thanks for the help!

    Us and our boy at x-mas time!

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    Cute pic!

    Does Duncan get enough fiber in his food? Does he ever scoot his butt on the floor? Have you had the vet check his anal glands? Our boys have never left any 'butt stuff' on their beds or blankets.
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    Awwww, Duncan is so cute! Our pup Barley had the same problem.

    Yeah, butt juice is the nastiest! I woke up one morning to it on my pillow!

    His glands might need to be squeezed or he needs more fiber. I was giving Barley a few spoonfuls of canned pumpkin (for fiber) with each meal and that seemed to clean them out, as he hasn't done it in the house since.

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    Sweet picture. I agree try adding more fiber (100% pure pumpkin) in the can. I hope it helps.

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