She Chewing her legs
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Thread: She Chewing her legs

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    DefaultShe Chewing her legs

    My lab Lily will be 5yr in March. She chews her legs until they raw and bleeding. I understand these may be hotspots. I have had all kinds of remides but nothing works. Change of diet to lamb and rice, store bought ani hot spot sprays and even applying applesider room deoderiant to them but nothing works.

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    She is probably allergic to something. Until you find out what it is, its fruitless to buy all kinds of things.

    The first thing I would do is contact a vet, have her tested for allergies. If they are seasonal, they can be treated. Does she get a lot of ear infections?

    The next change would be her food, to something grain free. Lamb and rice is one thing, but a lot of dogs don't tolerate rice. (I've got one)...I feed my allergy boy raw, but there are several grain free foods that are good Acana, Orijen etc.

    I ended up ripping carpeting out of my house, and went as far as ripping up the grass in the back yard, no fescue for us back there and he still gets steroids to control the allergies.

    After dealing with allergies with my boy, I made the decision to only purchase my dogs from breeders who do not breed allergic dogs. Allergies can be genetic, and while this isn't 100% possible, I've been very lucky in my subsequent dogs to not have encountered any form of allergy or sensitivity.
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