Hip Dysplasia?
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Thread: Hip Dysplasia?

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    DefaultHip Dysplasia?

    I wanted to run this by you guys and get your opinion. Naturally I plan to see a vet but thought I'd also ask here.

    My puppy is six months old. A few months ago he had a couple of days where he suddenly refused to go UP steps. After a couple of days, he got over it and things returned to normal. I thought maybe he was afraid of the steps because they are the sort that you can see through (no backing). Well, it started up again and he absolutely REFUSES to go up ANY stairs.

    Now I am noticing that when he walks, he has a bit of a "swagger". He kind of wiggles his but as he walks and when he sits, one of his legs always splays out. He doesn't seem to be in any pain and runs all over the house like a lunatic and pounces on things. Tonight he jumped up on the couch with no problem.

    Does this sound like dysplasia or am I being paranoid? He has a vet visit coming up soon so I thought I'd ask when I go but in the meantime, what do you guys think? His parents had clear hips but my vet was saying at his initial appointment that it doesn't mean anything to have the hip clearing unless it's the Penn Hip thing.


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    6 mos can be a fear stage. Let's hope it is. If he has no other troubles than that (and the rest sounds like normal puppy stuff to me), I'd not be rushing to get xrays, etc.

    I disagree w/ the vet btw. I've had very good luck w/ OFAs over the years and have been fortunate enough to watch several of my pups live to old age.

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    Many dogs and puppies don't like steps especially if they can see through them.
    I didn't let Kassa as a pup jump up and down off the couch. I was probably over protective of her, but preferred to be safer.

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    Thanks for the replies. You made me feel a lot better (I'll still ask the vet when I go, but for now I won't be freaking out).

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    It's probably fear. My Lola was diagnosed with severe HD, both her parents were OFA Good. She does walk with a huge wiggle and when she over does it she does favor one leg, but they think the limping is related to a knee problem. Other than her wiggle she displays no signs or symptoms of HD...she goes up steps, runs and jumps. I took her in for x-rays at about 10 months old. I would not rush to get the x-rays done, but if in time you notice those *little signs* like I did...go for piece of mind. Praying all is well with your pup. Keep us posted.

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    Lots of Labs with normal hips swagger when they walk. My thinking is that your dog is probably afraid of the open backed stairs.
    Sharon, Blaise and Diesel.

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